Salesforce-Native Work Management

Manage projects and resources, automate mundane tasks for project teams, and collaborate with customers and across teams — all on Salesforce

Customer Onboarding Made Easy


Tear down silos and roll back tech stacks by managing all of your work, data, and reporting right within Salesforce. TaskRay suite of project management, task management, and resource management tools enable enterprises to leverage Salesforce across departments and lines of business to deliver superior customer onboarding experiences.

Customize and Scale Beyond Traditional Project Management Solutions

Out of the box, TaskRay has all of the features you expect of an enterprise work management tool — but with unmatched customization abilities. Because TaskRay is built with Salesforce’s technology and interface, it can be customized in any way that Salesforce can. Create custom fields and objects, automate flows, and set up dashboards to measure KPIs across the business. All of your data stays in Salesforce, ensuring complete continuity and visibility for contributors, project managers, leaders, and customers.

Measure Project Success and Customer Outcomes

TaskRay’s advanced analytics and reporting features offer invaluable insights into your business processes, empowering you to identify inefficiencies and enhance productivity across every project. Extend performance data to system admins, project managers and executives, all natively in Salesforce. Make smarter and informed decisions to increase top line revenue and reduce bottom line costs.

Personalized, effective onboarding

Powerful work management tools and automated workflows make onboarding efficient.

Include everyone


Involve customer success, sales and everyone else you may need for a successful project.

Powerful reporting

Monitor projects for continuous improvements to your customer onboarding experience.

Capitalize on growth opportunity

Expose insights that lead to growth and new customer champions.

Taunya Bunte

Can’t Do My Job Without It!

I manage thousands of events a year and TaskRay helps me keep everything on track from scheduling, team communication, and managing followup tasks. All while staying connected to the opportunities and accounts in Salesforce!

Love the App!

I love that TaskRay is native to the Salesforce platform, so all of the excellent features and functionality of Salesforce can be leveraged if you want to customize it for workflow management. The application goes beyond your standard Project Management tool, it can be used for Standard Operational Procedure workflow & automation as well Onboarding, Off boarding, and any process flow in between.

Lynn O’Donnell

Streamlined Our Customer Interactions

We started using TaskRay about a year ago. Since that time we have been able to track our projects across all customers and ensure on-time implementations. The use of templates and dependencies has also helped us plan scenarios for large projects.

Trusted by Top Companies Around the World

With over 550 customers and a 4.96/5 star customer rating in the Salesforce AppExchange, TaskRay is the leading work management solution for High Tech, Healthcare Life Sciences, Financial Services, Telecommunication and Manufacturing companies.

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