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Marketing Automation Software

As we mentioned in the beginning, TaskRay is a native Salesforce app so everyone we surveyed uses (or is considering) Salesforce for their CRM.

But we wanted to ask about other platforms, including how many companies had a marketing platform in place.

Over 80% of respondents are using (or considering) a marketing automation platform.

Here’s the data showing those currently using a marketing automation platform and those still in the evaluation phase. Click on the picture for an expanded view.

Support Software

To get a better view of each organization’s tech stack, we asked about other platforms that could impact the overall customer journey. That includes support software.

Over 70% of respondents are currently using support software, and the numbers stayed relatively the same when adjusting for education and nonprofit organizations. Another 6% are actively evaluating its use.

Salesforce and Zendesk were the most popular platforms. For Other, it was ‘internal systems’ (though a small % overall). Click on the picture for an expanded view.

CPQ Software

Next, we asked about CPQ (Configure/Price/Quote) software

This is a relatively new category. That fact was reinforced by the results, which show a marked difference from previous tech stack questions even after filtering out responses from nonprofit and higher education organizations—all of which said no, and not considering one.

Of the companies that are currently using or considering CPQ software, a large majority use or are considering Salesforce CPQ. Others making the list were SAP, Apttus, CloudSense, Fusebill, and Zuora.



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