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A Peek at What’s Coming: Product Roadmap Update


Mimi Zahedi

Mimi Zahedi

Senior Product Designer

Bethany Thorn

Bethany Thorn

VP of Product and Engineering

We’re excited to recap our recent webinar, where we unveiled TaskRay’s dynamic product roadmap. If you missed the live event, you can catch the recording to explore the exciting developments on the horizon for TaskRay.

Here’s a quick recap of TaskRay’s new product roadmap:

1. Transparency and Insights: Our goal is to provide transparency and gather valuable insights from you, our users.

2. Your Input Matters: If a feature could benefit your business or if you have innovative ideas, please share your thoughts using the Submit Idea button in the upper right corner of the roadmap page.

3. Feature Statuses: We’ve defined clear statuses to indicate where each feature stands in development.

For more details and to submit ideas or feedback, visit the new product roadmap page. 

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