TaskRay Feature Highlight: Advnced On-Hold

Feature Highlight → Advanced On-Hold

★ Available with Premium

Your Project’s Pause Button

Manage the Unexpected with Ease
The On-hold feature lets you pause and resume projects, freeing up resources for active projects. It generates a report for every hold cycle, providing insight into the reasons behind a delay. You can use it with the Advanced Scheduler to make bulk updates to a project’s timeline.

You Can’t Plan for Everything, But You Can Use Advanced On-Hold

Gain Valuable Insight into Delayed or Overdue Projects
The Advanced On-Hold feature allows you to pause a project and keep notes regarding the hold or delay reasons.

Use this feature to:

  • Pause or resume a project one or more times
  • Automatically create a record with on-hold reasons, proposed resume date, notes, and more for every hold
  • Get a comprehensive view of project performance using reports and dashboards with key metrics, such as status and on-hold history
advanced on-hold feature

Stay Informed, Identify Problem Areas, and Keep Your Team Moving

No Out of Sight, Out of Mind Here
Keep an informed eye on all active project delays and use data to identify solutions for current roadblocks
Make Improvements with Data, Not Guesses
With comprehensive records for every hold, you can dig into the details across multiple delayed projects to identify necessary process improvements for the future
Improve Employee Performance
Maximize resources and keep your team productive by allowing them to focus on open/active projects when others are in a holding pattern

Best For

  • Project Managers
  • Executives

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