CFO, TaskRay

Finance isn’t an abstract puzzle or game—it directly impacts people’s livelihoods. Andrew takes that responsibility seriously and acts as the bridge between complex financial data and how to use it to craft strategies and solutions that help people, and companies, succeed. His financial insight, leadership, and strategic analysis helped launch the podcast industry as we know it today, growing a small startup into a media giant with over 300+ successful podcasts. He and his team found a new way for artists to make a living while building a product that creates joy in the world. 

After leaving Stitcher in 2017, Andrew spent a year traveling the world with his wife, Jessica. Six continents, 27 countries, and countless conversations later, he found different perspectives and approaches to solve problems, and that sometimes moving faster requires slowing down. 

Andrew re-entered the workforce looking for more than a job, and his passion for problem solving while impacting people’s lives led him to TaskRay. He not only leads TaskRay’s financial strategy (including financial modeling and projections, budget prep and analysis, financial reporting, and cash flow analysis) but also works with customers to understand their priorities, internal pressures, and desired outcomes to find the right budget and strategy to best serve everyone involved.