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We are excited to announce NameCoach as the winner of the Diversity at Dreamforce scholarship winner for 2019! TaskRay was part of a group of co-sponsors that worked together to identify and recognize up-and-coming Salesforce solutions ready to launch their idea at Dreamforce 2019 and NameCoach stood out as this year’s recipient.

NameCoach provides a simple and effective solution to name mispronunciation: audio name pronunciations embedded into the systems we use everyday (aka Salesforce), making names easier to learn and remember. Congratulations to the entire team at NameCoach on a fantastic submission.

Accurate name pronunciation is critical to making a strong first impression and showing respect for your customers, partners and prospects. NameCoach not only brings this issue to the forefront, but provides a clear solution that helps support the development of strong human connections built on respect for one another’s differences.

This inaugural scholarship is sure to be part of a long and successful future of supporting new voices and ideas at Dreamforce and across the tech industry.

Congratulations to the entire team and a big thank you to our co-sponsors, Spekit, Sercante,and Cloud Giants for helping make this dream a reality and closing the equality gap!