Case Studies

MCG Health

MCG Health uses TaskRay’s project centralization and collaboration features to efficiently and quickly complete more projects.


Groove uses TaskRay automation to manage and streamline its onboarding process without additional headcount.


While the customer onboarding process can follow a specific set of criteria, each Toast customer comes with unique needs and challenges. They needed a tool that would provide a templatized process and the ability to customize along the way.


As a Salesforce consulting partner, effective, seamless project delivery is a top priority for Kicksaw. With TaskRay, they have all of their data in a single system of record, improving efficiency and collaboration in client implementations.

Prospera Financial

With TaskRay, financial advisors can create repeatable action plans for their clients, ensuring no steps get missed and every “t” is crossed and every “i” dotted no matter how busy they get.

Label Insight

With TaskRay, Label Insight’s cross-functional teams are now able to access project data from each customer onboarding to inform future processes and create long term customer consistency.


In less than two years, Mevion reduced their installation time from two and a half years to nine months. A large portion of the time savings was related to their use of TaskRay to define their process and escalate issues.


JLL uses TaskRay to manage their commercial real estate loan closing process. TaskRay gives them the ability to manage a complex set of tasks and to-do’s and keep track of different activities between internal and external stakeholders—from buyers to title companies to insurance agents.


Within months after deploying TaskRay, the SmarterHQ team was seeing results. And, the measurable insights and visibility into their client work that TaskRay provides are helping them to grow with intention.

MWS Technology

MWS Technology uses TaskRay to manage their customer implementation process. We spoke with their CTO, John Brightwell, about some of the ways TaskRay is helping them to get customers up and running faster and more efficiently.


UpKeep decided to build their entire onboarding and customer lifecycle process around TaskRay’s functionality because they recognized the advantages of using the Salesforce platform as their single source of truth.


With TaskRay, Harver leadership will be able to see in real-time where customers are in the onboarding process and also how company expansion is proceeding—enabling Harver to be more proactive in terms of sales and ongoing customer success.

Force Marketing

Force Marketing uses omnichannel marketing and cutting-edge technology to transform automotive industry marketing. They use TaskRay for real-time project management and reporting within Salesforce.

NuAge Experts

NuAge Experts needed a solution that gave them the flexibility to adapt it to their individual customer needs. For their Co-founder, it was a no-brainer to choose TaskRay.

Elevate Actual

ElevateActual works with customers in highly regulated industries, like aviation, for whom a tight onboarding process is critical. The team at ElevateActual uses TaskRay to manage internal deliverables as well as drive Salesforce adoption for their customers.

Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is the largest take ‘n bake pizza chain in the U.S. They use TaskRay because it can efficiently accommodate and document their evolving processes, with 360-degree transparency into the entire process.

CU Boulder

CU Boulder uses TaskRay to manage two-week sprints based on a blended Agile Scrum approach, helping their team to keep work organized and transparent at all times for contributors at the program and project levels.