86 Repairs gets customers onboarded three weeks sooner with TaskRay

Quicker onboardings are resulting in improved cash flow and happier customers. 

“TaskRay has improved our customer experience because they no longer have to follow up with us. We always know exactly where they are. And because TaskRay is Salesforce-native, have brought all of our GTM teams into one tool.”

Jody Freinkel

Director of Revenue Operations, 86 Repairs

About 86 Repairs

86 Repairs makes it simple for restaurants to access equipment repairs and maintenance. Their 24/7 tech-enabled service takes care of getting equipment fixed so restaurant managers can save time, costs, and get back to doing what they love.

Decreased Time to Onboard Clients & Receive Payments By


an Average of 19 Days

Reduced Per-location Onboarding Costs By



86 Repairs’ Pain Points Before Implementing TaskRay

86 Repairs’ complex onboarding process involves many moving parts, including customer education, solution setup, site visits, and local vendor sourcing. They needed a Salesforce-native solution that could reduce time to go-live and decrease per-location onboarding costs through a more streamlined, collaborative workflow in a single solution.

They were struggling to complete onboarding projects in a timely way, which hurt their customer experience and cash flow. They tried a Salesforce custom object but it wasn’t powerful enough to accommodate different project types. Another onboarding solution also failed to meet 86 Repairs’ need for multiple project templates. Plus, its non-native integration with Salesforce made it difficult to easily keep track of projects; implementation managers would have to first check Salesforce for closed deals, then look up the project in the onboarding solution, and finally cross-reference project details using a separate spreadsheet.

Why TaskRay?

TaskRay has made it easy for 86 Repairs to manage their complex projects and keep all teams on the same page. First, a new project is automatically created when the sales team closes a deal. Through linking back to the account record in Salesforce, the onboarding manager can assess the resources required for the project, and how many site visits will be required. Next, the onboarding and vendor success teams execute a repeatable process to get onboarding completed quickly. TaskRay also enables onboarding managers to stay on top of all projects in a single view, which makes it easy to provide ongoing updates to the customer.



TaskRay has streamlined 86 Repairs’ client onboarding and subscription payment process, cutting the time by 29% (an average of 19 days). This accelerates customer access to services and boosts early payment inflow, enhancing cash flow. The improved financials, alongside reduced onboarding costs, contribute significantly to 86 Repairs’ growth and profitability objectives. They efficiently handle projects with fewer resources and have slashed per-location onboarding costs by 21%. Looking ahead, 86 Repairs aims to track NPS scores using TaskRay’s built-in survey tool.

Why 86 Repairs loves TaskRay

On Salesforce

“If you’re an organization on Salesforce, I literally don’t think you can beat how easy it is to administer TaskRay.”

TaskRay connects sales, account management, and onboarding teams through Salesforce, ensuring 86 Repairs provides a smooth and consistent customer experience.

Project Templates

“TaskRay has a lot more simple functionality, and because of Salesforce automation, we’ve been able to customize the logic of creating Project A versus B versus C.”

86 Repairs uses TaskRay’s flexible and simple project templates to execute repeatable processes that meet customers’ needs.

Project Centralization

“It’s a one-stop shop that has allowed us to identify problems and move way more quickly through them.”

Having a single view for all projects helps 86 Repairs effectively allocate resources and address issues before they impact customers.

Team Adoption

“There is no other tool in my tech stack that provides customer service like TaskRay, which makes it even easier to administer.”

86 Repairs was able to get started with TaskRay right away thanks to their familiarity with Salesforce and to the incredible support of TaskRay’s services teams.