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Why ElevateActual loves TaskRay

Training Simplified

TaskRay makes training easy for non-tech users and for highly-skilled users (think engineers) who don’t have the time to learn a new product. Everyone loves TaskRay’s drag-and-drop functionality.


Checklists allow ElevateActual to get super granular at the task level, which is the difference between success and failure for their clients in highly-regulated industries.

Customer Retention

TaskRay increases customer stickiness, which is great for business.

Maximizing secondary revenue with TaskRay

About ElevateActual

ElevateActual offers a better brand of consulting. By embracing agile methodologies, they can deliver exactly what is needed “right now”, with budget maximization and realized value at the core of every project.


How ElevateActual Uses TaskRay

ElevateActual works with customers in highly regulated industries, like aviation, for whom a tight onboarding process is critical. The team at ElevateActual uses TaskRay to manage internal deliverables as well as drive Salesforce adoption for their customers.

We have been able to take a 3- or 4-digit project and move it into a 5, 6, or 7 digit project. For system integrators, it’s super obvious to me (that) TaskRay is a way to grow your business within a specific client.

Peter Bernardi, ElevateActual

Peter Bernardi Principal Consultant, ElevateActual