Why Groove loves TaskRay

On Salesforce

As a flexible, Salesforce-native onboarding platform, making changes and updates to TaskRay is easy, saving Groove time and money.


TaskRay’s plug-and-play templates make it easy for Groove to standardize and automate their customer onboarding at scale.


TaskRay ensures Groove utilizes reps at the right percentage to effectively support each team’s workload and make informed decisions about capacity and staffing.

Data-Driven Insight

TaskRay gives Groove detailed insight into key performance metrics like project duration and retention to improve operations on a targeted, intentional level.

Onboarding automation and insight deliver seamless experiences at scale

About Groove

Groove is a Salesforce-native sales engagement platform that helps sellers become more efficient and productive. Their data-driven approach gives clients more insights faster to drive value-added activities and engagement. Groove reduces admin tasks and frees time for strategic functions supporting customer success.


How Groove Uses TaskRay

Groove provides sales enablement and engagement for their clients, so timely onboarding is essential to delivering results and retaining business. They needed a simple, direct solution that would empower their implementation managers to complete customer onboarding with minimal oversight or delays. With TaskRay, they have created standard onboarding templates and processes to automate their customer onboarding experience as much as possible. They are increasing their speed and efficiency, and the accompanying project and performance data are improving their forecasting, staffing, and capacity.

Why TaskRay?

Groove’s sales engagement platform delivers insight, efficiency, and automation for their clients; they needed an internal onboarding platform to match. In order to support their customer success goals (and their customers’ goals), Groove wanted to streamline their onboarding system and processes. After evaluating several tools, Groove chose TaskRay because of its clean, user-friendly UI and templates and automations they could self-implement. It also has robust, data-driven reporting to provide detailed insights into team performance and outcomes.


Groove’s Pain Points Before Implementing TaskRay

Before TaskRay, Groove’s onboarding experience was manual and very hands-on. While their implementation managers understood the end goals for successful onboarding, they lacked standard tools, templates, and processes to effectively manage and track their projects and performance.



TaskRay helps Groove understand the health of their projects and customer journeys as a whole. Besides automating and standardizing the onboarding process, TaskRay provides a level of insight into each onboarding project that supports detailed forecasting and capacity planning. With TaskRay, Groove plans to benchmark their operations and performance to continue improving forecasting, staffing, and delivery at scale.

TaskRay is helping us benchmark our performance, which is critical for achieving our customer success goals


Adeeb Ali Senior Director of Professional Services, Groove