Why Harver loves TaskRay


With TaskRay, Harver leadership can see in real time where customers are in the onboarding process and also how company expansion is proceeding—enabling Harver to be more proactive in terms of sales and ongoing customer success.


Having an integrated way to manage their onboarding process reduces the time required to onboard customers.

Capacity Management

Harver has the ability to track how much time their Delivery, Support and Customer Success staff are spending on customer onboarding, providing a true understanding of actual implementation costs which will help Harver to better manage capacity and staffing.

Turnkey Solution

With a single solution in place, Harver will have the ability to get other teams like Customer Success and ongoing Support onto TaskRay.

Getting real-time insights into company expansion

About Harver

Harver is a pre-hiring and talent matching software platform that makes “excellent hiring achievable for companies of all sizes” through AI enabled software, data-driven hiring and optimizing the candidate experience.


Choosing a Solution

First and foremost, Harver wanted a Salesforce native solution. And, since Harver only has one Salesforce admin, easy implementation and ongoing upkeep of TaskRay was another item at the top of the list.

While the team knew they would discover a lot of other ways to take advantage of Salesforce and whatever project management app they chose, their initial needs were the following:

  1. Get everything in one place and create better access and more transparency for their entire team
  2. Facilitate a smoother hand-off between sales and customer onboarding team.
  3. Eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel with every new customer.

Why TaskRay?

Harver was about to sign on the dotted line for another project management app when the sales process went awry. This led them back to the AppExchange where he discovered TaskRay. One thing that impressed him were TaskRay’s customer reviews. He was also way more satisfied with the TaskRay sales process and his interactions with our team. According to them, “We are so much happier with our choice. Not only was TaskRay’s sales process much smoother and more enjoyable, but TaskRay’s interface and functionality is much better.”


Harver’s Pain Points Before Implementing TaskRay

  • No single source of truth: Harver’s team has a solid customer onboarding process in place that everyone understands. Their problem? Documents, information and conversations are scattered all over the place—in email, Google Sheets, Dropbox folders, etc.—making their process, as good as it is, more time consuming than it should be.
  • Hand-off between Sales and Customer Onboarding: With a good process but no tool, Harver needs a more fool-proof way to manage the transition of new customers from Sales to their Delivery, Support and Customer Success teams.
  • Difficult to impossible to track actual costs: Harver is faced here with the same challenge as in their onboarding process: the information is there but scattered across different places. Having it all in one place will make budgeting, forecasting and capacity planning a lot easier.

Favorite Features

In addition to the fact that TaskRay is 100% Salesforce Native and has an extremely intuitive interface design, Harver also loves TaskRay features like Templates, Task Groups, and External Sharing. They are also excited about how TaskRay’s Process Builder and Workflow Rules will help with automation.

One of the reasons we chose TaskRay is that it’s easy to set up and configure with Salesforce. This will help us get up and running faster.

John Collins Sales Operations Manager, Harver