Why Kicksaw loves TaskRay

On Salesforce

As a Salesforce consulting partner, using a Salesforce native collaborative work management tool is essential for Kicksaw.


TaskRay’s plug-and-play templates make it easy for Kicksaw to begin new projects and keep their processes organized and consistent.

Workload Forecasting

TaskRay drives Kicksaw’s financials by tracking billable hours and enabling them to forecast each team’s workload and make informed decisions about capacity.


TaskRay integrates seamlessly with Kicksaw’s other crucial tools and systems.

Scaling up delivery of client implementations

About Kicksaw

Kicksaw offers world-class Salesforce implementation, data migration, process optimization, tool integration, data sourcing/enrichment services, and hands-on training to boost their clients’ revenue team capabilities. It’s Sales and RevOps Consulting the way you always dreamed it could be.


How Kicksaw Uses TaskRay

Kicksaw delivers sales and revenue operations consulting around several commercial software applications (Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach), so they need a solution that can handle delivery of implementations across multiple teams with custom functionality and requirements. They’ve used TaskRay to build a centralized, streamlined project management organization (PMO).

With TaskRay, Kicksaw’s project managers can facilitate a smooth handoff from sales to delivery teams using their built-in templates, manage multiple project workstreams simultaneously, create and track estimates and billable hours, and keep data connected and clean to support accurate reporting dashboards for financials and forecasting.

Why TaskRay?

As a Salesforce consulting partner, effective, seamless project delivery is a top priority for Kicksaw. They needed a tool that could unify all of their data in a single system of record to provide a better user experience for employees and improve efficiency, collaboration, and delivery of their solutions across the board.

After evaluating several tools, Kicksaw chose TaskRay because it was native to Salesforce, user-friendly, and they could self-implement. It also had an elegant UI/UX that made it easy to drive the right project management behavior that their previous tool configurations inhibited.


Kicksaw’s Pain Points Before Implementing TaskRay

Before TaskRay, Kicksaw faced challenges with its project management system and operations. Their data model wasn’t robust or responsive enough to handle standard project management at scale, plus they were using disparate tools that made it difficult to get a single view of their client Salesforce and application implementations.



While TaskRay started as a tool for Kicksaw’s delivery team, it has expanded to become the standard, central work management system for the entire company. From sales to marketing to leadership—everyone at Kicksaw uses TaskRay to keep their projects and teams aligned.

According to Casey Long, Director of Operations, “TaskRay’s UI/UX is simple, flexible, and intuitive. As a Salesforce native application, it integrates smoothly with our other tools and systems, which has enabled us to build a robust project management system that can handle our project pipeline now and well into the future.”

TaskRay really is the engine for our delivery success.

Casey Long Director of Operations, Kicksaw