Why MCG Health loves TaskRay

On Salesforce

As a flexible, Salesforce-native onboarding platform, making changes and updates to TaskRay is easy, saving MCG Health time and money.

Utilization Management

TaskRay ensures MCG Health utilizes resources at the right percentage to effectively support each team’s workload and make informed decisions about capacity.

Project Centralization

MCG Health needed to centralize and integrate project information across multiple departments with Salesforce.

Team Collaboration

TaskRay’s collaboration tools allowed MCG Health stakeholders across the organization to see the project progress and collaborate.

Project centralization and collaboration allow for more projects completed

About MCG Health

MCG Health provides unbiased clinical guidance that gives healthcare organizations confidence in their patient-centered care decisions. Their artificial intelligence and technology solutions, infused with objective clinical expertise, enable their clients to prioritize and simplify their work.


How MCG Health Uses TaskRay

MCG Health needed to replace an outdated project management system with a solution that gave their implementation team more visibility and ease of collaboration cross-functionally across customer success, account management, clinical education, tech support, and product departments.

Why TaskRay?

MCG Health needed a Salesforce-native solution that would decrease project duration, improve reporting capabilities, increase visibility, eliminate disparate tools, and maximize resources.


MCG Health’s Pain Points Before Implementing TaskRay

MCG Health is now using TaskRay to manage its new, upgrade, ad-hoc, and technical engagement projects. TaskRay has allowed batching of similar projects together and managing them with parent projects, specifically for annual upgrades. This process has helped improve efficiency and made upgrades more scalable.



Since moving to TaskRay, MCG Health experienced a 20% increase in the number of projects taken on in one year, a 7% year-over-year increase in NPS, and a 15% overall increase in NPS.

TaskRay has proven to be a pivotal solution for MCG, enabling us to effectively scale our implementation program while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey.

Brian King Senior Manager of Client Implementations, MCG Health