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Creating a scalable onboarding system.

Pain points before TaskRay?

As a fast-growing startup, UpKeep was using a handful of ad hoc processes to onboard their customers. Once Joseph Schmitt joined the team as the Director of Customer Success, UpKeep began the process of implementing Salesforce, and he knew they would need to solidify their customer onboarding process as well. It was important to UpKeep to create an onboarding system that would scale with their business and TaskRay fit the bill.

Why TaskRay?

Having worked with TaskRay before, Joseph knew that the 100% Salesforce native tool would be a seamless way to manage the entire customer lifecycle process. UpKeep decided to build their entire onboarding and customer lifecycle process around TaskRay’s functionality because they recognized the advantages of using the Salesforce platform as their single source of truth.

Implementing TaskRay

In preparation for bringing on multiple customer success managers, UpKeep’s TaskRay implementation focused on scaling their onboarding quickly. With a solid process in place, they could empower each success manager to onboard new customers based on their specific criteria and needs.

Another high priority for UpKeep’s implementation of TaskRay was the ability to identify expansion opportunities within new and existing accounts. They were able to achieve this with TaskRay by automatically cloning account review and outreach projects at critical points within a customer’s lifecycle, thus opening up the opportunity for growth within existing accounts.

About UpKeep

UpKeep is a mobile-first software focused on delivering asset and maintenance management to support the deskless workforce. UpKeep believes that with better input from technicians, and seamless collaboration with the office, maintenance teams can make data-driven decisions to double productivity.

We are a small team launching a large number of customers, which would be nearly impossible without TaskRay.

Joseph Schmitt

Director of Customer Success, UpKeep