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Do you have a question about how to do something in TaskRay? Or does something seem off and not working as expected in the app? Or maybe you want to find the best approach to configuring some customization that involves TaskRay?

Well, we’ve got good news: our super knowledgeable TaskRay Support Team is always here to help. We want you to get the most out of TaskRay, so following are some tips and tricks that we’re hoping will be helpful for you when it comes when you do end up having to reach out for help. 

The usual suspect

First things first. Did you know that many of our support tickets get resolved by checking permission set assignments? It’s true. Whenever we receive a ticket, this is one of the first things that we check, and it is often the solution to many TaskRay-related issues.

Our general recommendation is to assign the TaskRay – Standard Access permission set to all TaskRay users to ensure that they have access to all the features of the app. Here’s a link to our support article if you need help.

You can also go the route of custom permissions. We’ll dig into best practices for that in our blog post next month. 

Tips for submitting your support ticket

Permission sets aside, let’s say that one of the users in your org just encountered an error when using TaskRay. You do some troubleshooting, but it is still not clear what’s causing that error, so you reach out to Support.

While there isn’t always a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to troubleshooting, there are some common questions that we will always ask when working on such tickets:

    • What is the error message? 
    • What are the exact steps to reproduce the issue? Specifics are key! Our team will attempt to reproduce the error, which is the best way to get to the root of the issue. If you have a video or screenshots of the issue – that’s even better!
    • Were there any recent changes in your Salesforce org that might be related? Every org is unique, and this information might provide clues.
    • Does the error occur for all users and on all projects (or other related records)? This information will help pinpoint whether the issue is specific to some unique criteria or if it is more of an org-wide issue.
    • Login access and Ord ID? Most of the time, when working on such issues, the team will ask for login access from a system administrator. This allows us to review TaskRay-specific configurations in your org, as well as generate debug logs.

Have an idea for customizing TaskRay?

Finally, what if you received some business requirements to configure something in your Salesforce org that involves TaskRay? Or maybe you have an awesome idea to customize TaskRay to better suit the needs of your end users? Naturally, there are many great options to approach such things in Salesforce. When it comes to customizations that involve TaskRay, our team is happy to provide recommendations and outline best practices.

We’re here to help!

We are committed to providing great service to our customers, so if you need help or want to share an idea with us, or just say, “hi”, please submit a support ticket on our support site, via email, or directly in TaskRay. Talk to you soon!