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Resource Management Made Easy

All Your Configurations, All in One Place
The Configuration Hub is your home base for getting started in TaskRay. Here you’ll set up resources in alignment with your business requirements, making it easy to assign work and team members to templates that streamline your repeatable business workflows. While workflows may be repeatable, the resources may be individual. Configuration Hub helps you define those resources to streamline the team building process.

Configuration Hub: Where Your TaskRay Journey Begins

Lighten the Administrative Load on Busy Teams
Configuring resources and defining roles within your organization using TaskRay couldn’t be easier. The Configuration Hub provides a high-level overview of all your in-house resources, allowing for more efficient and standardized project beginnings. You’ll manage individual settings to:
  • Create Roles that act as placeholders whenever you start a new project
  • Define and add Resources to different Roles to improve efficiency when using the Dynamic Team Builder
  • Assign Attributes to Resources highlighting skill sets, certifications, interests, and more to assist with better project team creation (Premium Edition)

Getting to Work Has Never Been Easier

Streamlined Project Launches
Support best practices, faster time-to-revenue, and greater customer satisfaction
Searchable Resource Database
This handy search field helps larger organizations filter and find specific resources in a snap
Free Up Your Admins

With less time spent repeatedly creating and tracking resources for new projects, administrative leaders have more time to dedicate to other business needs

Matches Made in Heaven
Premium users can now define and assign unique characteristics to resources within TaskRay, allowing project managers to quickly delegate task assignments matched to specific skill sets

Best For

  • Project Managers
  • Template Managers
  • Onboarding Teams
  • Admins
TaskRay Configuration Hub

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A Flexible Tool for Project & Resource Management

TaskRay is a great tool for project and resource management. Its flexibility allows you to shape the tool as your organization needs.

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