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It’s no secret that acquiring and onboarding new customers is expensive and time-consuming. That’s why retaining your existing customers is crucial for sustainable business growth. But simply keeping customers is not enough; you need to have a re-onboarding strategy to ensure continued and compounding revenue.

Customer re-onboarding is the process of engaging your existing customers. It involves growing their value with your product as you grow your business. Customer re-onboarding increases customer retention and increases revenue through expansion and referrals.

Invest an hour with Donna Weber and Sunny Harmon to learn why re-onboarding is critical to your success. Donna will share insights and practical tips to help you achieve your growth goals: this year and in the long term.

This valuable session enables you to:

  • Articulate the value of customer re-onboarding
  • Explore four key areas to start re-onboarding now
  • Develop a re-onboarding strategy tailored to your customer’s needs