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Label Insight is an enterprise SaaS company that works with CPG brands and grocery retailers like Unilever, Conagra and Topco to arm them with product attribute data and content that drives innovation, fuels online and in-store growth, and builds trust with consumers. Their nuanced implementation cycle includes a high quantity of initial administrative and configuration work upfront, which required a scalable tool like TaskRay to help their Customer Success team efficiently manage those steps.

On May 4th, our Chief of Staff, Jamie Cole sat down (virtually, of course!) with Stephen Poppe, Label Insight’s Senior Manager of Customer Success, to talk about how to design a human-centric onboarding process that leads to long-term success. You can check out this insight-filled episode of The Customer Onboarding Podcast by TaskRay on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You can also read Label Insight’s case study here.

If you’re interested in learning how TaskRay can help your company master customer onboarding, the critical first step in your customer journey, please schedule a call with us. We’re here to help!