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Join us as we explore the often-murky waters of the new-customer journey—a path comprising the steps, activities, and communications that a new customer experiences as the sale closes and they begin to use your product or service. We call this timeframe onboarding, and it is a critical moment within the broader customer journey. Since onboarding is at the core of everything we do at TaskRay, our team is excited to share their expertise on the how to guide new customers on their journey. Learn why you should be planning and documenting all of your new-customer activities and then visualizing them in a detailed journey map. Then, master creating your own customer onboarding journey maps with our in-depth guide, an interactive workshop led by our Customer Success team, and more resources from TaskRay’s onboarding experts. Put your fins on, and let’s dive in!



The New-Customer Journey: Establish Lifelong Customer Relationships Built on Trust  

Onboarding is the toughest and most crucial stage of new customer relationships. If you can get your customers through the five stages of onboarding (engagement through adoption) and help them experience value, they’ll develop bonds of trust and loyalty with your brand. By mapping out your new customer onboarding journey ahead of time, you’ll be able to proactively engage with new customers to turn them into lifelong customers. Our latest play walks you through how to develop your own customer onboarding journey map and put it into action. Get the play.



Customer Onboarding Journey Map Template

Use our simple, free Google Sheets template to create your own customer onboarding journey map. Get the template



Creating Customer Onboarding Journey Maps

Join VP of Customer Success Sunny Harmon and Sr. Customer Success Manager Marissa Laarsen to learn how to create your own Customer Onboarding Journey Maps. They’ll share their best practices for designing, customizing, and using onboarding journey maps to engage with new customers and set them up for success. Can’t make it? Be sure to register to receive the recording. Register here.