Today’s customers are savvy consumers with high expectations. This means that companies are challenged to deliver a highly personalized onboarding experience that can scale as the organization grows. Recently, we explored how to design an onboarding program using a tech-touch approach. Now, we’re diving into best practices for building and scaling a hands-on, high-touch strategy that will make every customer feel like a VIP. 

New from the Customer Onboarding Playbook: High-Touch Onboarding

Create a Five-Star Onboarding Process

High-touch onboarding is a way to ensure your customers feel cared for and are trained on how to use your product or service. When you build a high-touch onboarding experience, you’ll build a strong foundation for long-term customer relationships that can grow with you. Learn how to design a high-touch onboarding experience that puts you in the position of a trusted guide and encourages deep customer engagement. Get the play.

Free eBook: The Keys to High-Touch Onboarding Success

TaskRay’s VP of Customer Success & Support, Sunny Harmon, shares the lessons she’s learned over the past 20 years on how to set up an effective and successful high-touch onboarding program. Learn step-by-step how to build your high-touch program and how to keep it fresh and effective. Download the eBook

Workshop: How to Design a High-Touch Onboarding Experience

A five-star customer onboarding process is both a financial victory and an ongoing investment in customer success. Companies that nail high-touch onboarding are rewarded with that most coveted asset in any business: customer loyalty In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to design effective high-touch customer onboarding programs without actually having to take every single new customer out for a coffee date—they’ll just feel like you did. Register here

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