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Making your new customers feel seen, heard, and understood is the first step post-sale in building a relationship to last. That’s why the transition period between the final stage of the sale and the kickoff with your new customer and post-sale team is a critical time that many companies often overlook. Sticking your internal handoff will ensure every customer feels like a VIP as they begin their journey with you.

From the Customer Onboarding Playbook: Internal Handoffs

Learn how to smoothy hand off a new customer from sales to your post-sale team

After making a sale, many businesses don’t have a process to brief their post-sale onboarding or implementation team about the customer. But new customers don’t want to repeat themselves, and starting off a new relationship by regathering requirements and customer information is a terrible experience. Have you ever had to repeat your information three times to three different call center agents? Yeah, it feels like that. Empower your post-sale teams with the knowledge they need to be proactive on behalf of new customers by developing a solid internal handoff. Get the Play.

On-Demand Workshop: Post-Sale Success—How to Nail Your Internal Handoffs

In this webinar, TaskRay Customer Onboarding Specialist Ryan Ensign shares the importance of—and best practices for executing—your internal handoffs (including how to automate them). If you want to uplevel your handoff process, you won’t want to miss this on-demand workshop! Watch here.

Free Template: Internal Handoff

Your sales team gathers plenty of valuable information before new customers sign on the dotted line. Using a standardized template for your internal handoffs allows your post-sale team to seamlessly onboard new customers. We’ve created a sample template that you can customize to meet your needs.

Coming Soon: Perfecting the Handoffs from Sales to Customer Onboarding to Customer Success

Are you looking for general advice, help in developing processes, or just a quick reality check against best practices for Customer Success? Look for our next e-book to dive into the areas of Customer Experience, the overall Customer Journey, and Customer Onboarding from the experts at TaskRay.