Imagine if every new customer had a personal liaison to help them set up and learn how to use your product or service. If you’re growing at scale, you know this isn’t feasible (at least not without paid onboarding). This is why many businesses use a “tech-touch” approach to send sequential, automated messages via email, text messages, push notifications, or in-app messages to guide new customers on their journey. And, if you’re doing tech-touch onboarding right, your customers will feel as though they do have their very own personal liaison. 

Just in from the Customer Onboarding Playbook: Tech-Touch Onboarding

Guide Customers with a Consistent, Automated Experience

Customer onboarding should be proactive, not reactive, while also built to scale. With a tech-touch—or automated—approach, you can guide new customers and train them on how to use your product or service on a one-to-many scale. This structure makes it easier for you to deliver value and will save your team a substantial amount of time and effort on repeatable tasks. Ready to learn exactly how to design your own tech-touch onboarding strategy? Get our free, four-step guide.

Free Tech-Touch Email Templates

Access our free, customizable email templates for each stage of the new-customer onboarding journey. Get the templates

Workshop: 4 Steps to Successful Tech-Touch Onboarding

Delivering an efficient and successful tech-touch onboarding experience is essential for product adoption and customer loyalty. You need a well-designed strategy for automatically sending new customers the right information, at the right time, and in the right place.In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to build a strong tech-touch framework for onboarding your new customers and helping them effortlessly use your product or service from day one. Register here.

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