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Effortlessly Build Teams and Assign Work

A Resource Management Tool That Helps You Roll with the Punches
The Dynamic Team Builder is the place where you create, build, and maintain project teams. Simple click actions make it easy to identify the correct resources needed for specific projects and tasks whenever a project is kicked off. If the need to reassign any tasks within an in-flight project arises, the Dynamic Team Builder makes it easy to do just that.

The Tool You Need to Ensure a Smooth Project Launch

Build the Right Team, Every Time
Being able to quickly bring together resources—and the right ones for the job—is no easy task. Except with the Dynamic Team Builder, that is. You’ll use this tool to:
  • Quickly see available resources for project roles at kick-off
  • Easily reassign resources to in-flight projects (because we know there’s project planning, and then there’s reality!)

Maximize, Optimize, and Streamline with Template Versioning

Easy, Breezy Team Building
With contextual knowledge on every resource at your fingertips, you’ll quickly build your starting line-up at every project kick-off
Flexibility for Easy Updates
Easily swap out team members or reassign work at any stage of a live project
Improved Project Visibility
Dynamic Team Builder provides a single source for a project’s roles, resources, and tasks, making for easier collaboration
Happier Customers, Better Bottom Line
When you can get boots on the ground faster, you’ll be better prepared to hit your deadlines, please your customers, and see faster speed-to-revenue

Best For

  • Project Managers

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Quick and Easy Assignments

I like how easy it is to assign tasks and how you can add attachments and checklist items.

Salesforce-Native and Customizable

[TaskRay is] Salesforce-native, highly customizable, and makes it easy to assign tasks/log activity.

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