Streamline Embedded Systems Projects in Salesforce

Wrangle the complexity of managing embedded systems implementations for accelerated time to revenue, quicker customer value, and highly-satisfied customers.

Why Manage Your Projects in Salesforce?

Data Security:  As a 100% Salesforce-native app, TaskRay stores all of your data inside Salesforce, leveraging the platform’s security and compliance capabilities.

A Seamless Extension of Salesforce:  Reduce disparate tools for managing your work and create integrated workflows.

Enhanced Visibility:Centralize all of your work across teams so you can always have the answer for status updates, assignments, and how you’re tracking towards milestones.

Improved Efficiencies: Automate manual processes, proactively address bottlenecks, and standardize processes for on-time completion.

Maximized Resources: Balance workloads and put the right people with the right skills on the right project to ensure success and improve workforce productivity.

Happier Customers: Implement a smooth, thorough, and collaborative implementation project for every customer and watch your CSAT and NPS soar by 15%.

Dynamic and Scalable Project Management Features

Everything you need to organize the chaos of complex hardware + software implementations and stay connected with large stakeholder networks. 

Build Project Plans

Create new project templates tailored to your business processes for standardization and consistency, then automate new project kick-offs.

Manage Tasks & Project Details

Handle task assignments and notifications, view work in multiple ways, see scheduling impacts, quickly make updates, and more.

Manage Project Resourcing

Visually manage team capacity, aligning resources with projects based on availability, skills, and expertise.

Enhance Collaboration

Collaborate with internal teams and external stakeholders to stay updated, drive accountability, and deliver results.

Monitor Project Performance

Get visibility into project and team performance with robust reporting that drives informed decision-making.

Who Uses TaskRay for Embedded Systems Implementations?

Restaurant POS Solutions

Roll out POS systems to restaurant locations with the functionality you need to scale operations and identify new revenue opportunities.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Effectively maneuver through the steps of delivery, configuration, testing, and training, while reducing downtime and adhering to compliance requirements.

Transportation Infrastructure Producers

Manage the process of installing parking meters, electric vehicle charging stations, and other urban transportation equipment that makes the world go round.

Industrial & Commercial Equipment Builders

Handle all the intricacies of project management for large equipment installations with standardized processes that speed up delivery, training, and everything in between.

Featured Success Story

The customer onboarding team at Toast centralized and standardized their processes with TaskRay, creating consistency across teams and accelerating project velocity.

“With TaskRay, workloads have been easier to manage and our customer onboarding team can manage more customers in a more structured way.”

Matt Merola

Senior Program Manager


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