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Foster Teamwork with External Stakeholders

Collaboration Has Never Been Easier
The External Ownership & Completion Feature allows TaskRay tasks to be assigned to and completed by project stakeholders who don’t have access to the Salesforce org or TaskRay. When used in conjunction with the Public Dashboard, a project manager can engage and update those external stakeholders without incurring additional license costs or training. A win-win!

A Simple Way to Create More

Project Accountability

Assign Tasks and Check Their Status, No Meetings Required
With the External Ownership & Completion feature, involving external stakeholders in a project has never been easier. With just the click of a button, TaskRay sends an email to your recipient who then has the power to view and update tasks assigned to them—all without needing to go into TaskRay themselves! This unique feature brings “outsiders” in by allowing them to:

  • Be assigned tasks
  • View a full list of their to-dos
  • Mark ‘complete’ or use a link to view a task on the dashboard within the email
  • Communicate with the project manager about a task through email replies
TaskRay Resource Attributes

Easily Communicate and Collaborate with External Teams

No Salesforce Community? No Problem!
If you’re not ready to invest in community licenses for Salesforce or TaskRay, this feature provides a middle ground where you can easily collaborate with clients or other external partners
Pinpoint Roadblocks
With task assignments coming from a central place, you’ll easily track task status and identify where, and with whom, tasks are blocked
Save Time and Money
No need to saddle your Salesforce admins with training temporary users on a new platform—and eliminate the cost of additional licenses
Bulk Updates, One Email
Who wants more emails? No one! Use Spreadsheet View to assign multiple tasks to an individual and notify them via a single email
All Communications, All in One Place
If documents, images, or other kinds of files are needed to complete a task, the external user can attach it right to the notification

Best For

  • Project Managers
  • External Stakeholders
  • Executives
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See What Our Customers are Saying!

Great for project management and external sharing

Our Project Management team uses [the feature] to track the status and updates on a project. It is also nice because TaskRay allows for external link sharing so our clients can see certain aspects and the status of their project.

Enables external participation

I love the ability to have external users participate in a TaskRay project and how easy it is to navigate the system.

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