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Coming Soon: Enhanced Filtering, Task Weighting, Resource Planning, and More!

TaskRay’s Fall 2021 release is here — and it’s packed with new features designed to give you more control of your work. 

This release takes work management to a whole new level with enhanced filtering, new task weighting modes, and improved resource management, TaskRay is more customizable and flexible than ever before — so you can adapt it to your unique use cases.

Premiering this October: 

Enhanced Filtering [ALL EDITIONS]

With more data at our fingertips each day, the digital world can feel daunting. How can users be expected to use the same static data filters, when the data available to them is ever-changing?

Enhanced filtering solves just that — users can now slice and dice their data with ad hoc Flex Filters. This new filtering style empowers users to dream up every way they could filter their work…by project owner, list status, account…you name it!

Don’t worry, if you have some users who need to keep it simple, like TaskRay community users, enhanced filtering supports filter streamlining, such that a user doesn’t have to pick any filters.

But this feature set isn’t just for end-users, it also makes setup and maintenance of filters easier and more dynamic, so your admin can spend less time administering, and more time innovating! With top-down, dynamic inheritance of filter assignments, admins don’t have to worry about new employees, promotions, or team changes. 

Don’t have a system administrator? No problem! We’ve introduced TaskRay filter admin access, which requires no additional Salesforce permissions to implement and maintain TaskRay filtering. 

From basic user to power user to admin, enhanced filtering has something for everyone. 



Time-Based Task Weighting [STANDARD & PREMIUM EDITIONS]

Project managers need a clear vision of the progress of each of their projects — but when a task that takes 5 minutes and a task that takes several days count equally toward overall progress, how can you be sure everything is moving along as expected?

New task weighing modes provide an answer to that question — using the estimated time as a relative weight, a smaller task can contribute less, while a larger task contributes more to the overall project and task group progress. Because project progress isn’t just a KPI — it’s crucial to your customers’ satisfaction and your brand’s integrity. 

If estimated time isn’t the right way to measure effort for your business, premium edition users have the ability to set a custom value for each task’s weight.



Planning resources is a key piece of delivering an exceptional customer experience, but managing workloads in the face of changing schedules, vacations, and projects coming down the pipeline can be extremely challenging. 

The Flux Planner makes viewing resource capacity and shuffling assignments easier than ever. In this release, we bring the power of the Flux Planner to a specific Project or Task with the brand new Flux Planner contextual component. This helps Resource Managers and PMs understand the workload involved on a specific Project or Task, and take reassignment action if necessary.

You’ll also experience much more control in the Flux Planner with brand new filtering options and summary settings so you can focus on priority billable work or zoom out to assess high-level resource allocation.

Finally, with the new standard Flux Planner tab, no admin configuration is required to start leveraging the at-your-fingertips resource planning experience. 


In the Credits, but Not to be Missed:

  • Ongoing Task Progress [PREMIUM ONLY]: Partial completion of a task can be logged and reflected as part of the overall project progress.
  • On-Hold Enhancements [PREMIUM ONLY]: Execute multiple on-hold and resume cycles and capture additional details to track project status.
  • Modal Tab Configuration [PREMIUM ONLY]: Hide standard and custom tabs at the profile or user level, to customize the modal tabs for your business.
  • Advanced Allocation Model  [PREMIUM ONLY]: Specify resource allocation at project-level for forecasting intelligence without having to build out a granular work plan up-front. This feature is especially valuable for your agile projects!

Coming to an Environment Near You:

  • October 9: Automatic Sandbox Update; Available in AppExchange; Available via Direct Install Link
  • November 6: Automatic Production Update

Watch the Trailer:

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