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TaskRay offers a robust feature set to manage and optimize your post-sale processes. With so many features, it can be easy to unintentionally overlook some of the capabilities, or just stick with your favorites. We get it, which is why we are starting a new blog series called “Feature Highlight,” to introduce or reacquaint you with specific features through a quick overview.

First up are TaskRay’s External Collaboration features.

When it comes to post-sale processes, such as onboarding or implementations, projects will often require input from people outside of the organization to ensure that all work is executed seamlessly. Proactive and frequent communication is a key component to working on projects that involve external stakeholders. TaskRay offers various options for external collaboration, allowing end users, such as project or onboarding managers, to provide limited or extensive access to their external collaborators on projects and tasks.

Options include:

  • Limited access: Features include the Public Dashboard for read-only project plan overview and External Owner Completion for assigning tasks to external stakeholders. These features are available in TaskRay’s Standard and Premium Editions.
  • Extensive access: TaskRay in Digital Experiences (formerly known as Communities) allows external stakeholders to collaborate on projects with the level of access similar to internal team members.

With the various external collaboration features offered by TaskRay, any organization can find the perfect option to collaborate with external stakeholders, whether it’s to provide them with a read-only view of the project plan or to grant them access to manage assigned work. For example, SaaS companies that work on onboarding projects can utilize the TaskRay Public Dashboard and the External Owner Completion features to provide project updates to primary customer contacts, as well as assign certain tasks to external collaborators who are responsible for completion of work. 

This video shows the project plan and to-do list in Public Dashboards and what the email notifications look like when a task is assigned to an external stakeholder:


Additionally, SaaS companies that require extensive input from external collaborators can leverage TaskRay externally using Digital Experiences. By surfacing TaskRay in Digital Experience Sites, external collaborators become team members on projects and are able to actively collaborate and take action on assigned work.

Learn more about TaskRay’s External Collaboration features: