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Get your onboarding process off to a fast and smooth start using the Onboarding Kick-Off Flow feature. This feature guides managers and end-users through project creation from an opportunity via a set of screens that prompt the user to complete certain fields while also performing behind-the-scenes actions such as creating TaskRay records and updating related fields.


We love this feature. Here’s why you will too:


Set up is a total breeze.

What’s great about the Onboarding Kick-Off Flow is that it’s prebuilt within our managed package and requires very little effort to get it up and running and maximize its potential. You even have the option of launching the flow from a button or a lightning action within the Lightning Record page. Small effort, big reward. Win-win, right?


It’s completely customizable.

The base flow used in this feature is a flow template, meaning administrators can easily save their own versions to customize the process. You can add or remove screens to fit your unique needs if the out-of-the-box version doesn’t fit your use case. Even better, if you use the lightning action option, you can conditionally set the lightning action to only appear on your lighting record page based on your provided set criteria. 


…And most important of all, it’s so easy to use.

When you launch the Onboarding Kick-Off Flow, it walks you through all the necessary steps to create a project, prompting you to fill in or choose all the pertinent information the project requires screen by screen. 


Still not sold? 


Then let’s see how the Onboarding Kick-Off Flow works in five easy steps:

  1. The first screen will prompt you to add any important information related to the new opportunity, such as the primary onboarding contact, your desired outcomes, and deal handoff notes.
  2. The next screen lets you decide how to create the new project—by cloning an entire project or stitching together multiple task groups.
  3. Next, you’ll be asked to name the project and choose a starting date.
  4. Now that you’ve added specific opportunity details, project structure info, and the project’s name and timeline, your flow is nearly complete. Now you can add team members or reassign tasks from queues to specific users.
  5. On the final screen, you’ll have the option to create a project baseline if you wish. After that, the flow will finish the project creation with all the relevant details and take you from the opportunity right into the TaskRay UI, where you can view your newly created project.


Now let’s take it for a test drive with a proposed scenario:

Let’s imagine you work for BigTek Financial, a financial services company that offers several different products and services. You manage a team that closes opportunities and needs to create projects, so you need a clear and simple guide to walk your end users through the kick-off project creation process.

You leverage the Onboarding Kick-Off Flow by using the lightning action option to surface on the lightning record page once the opportunity is moved to “closed won.” Your users will need to stitch together a project based on the products which have corresponding task groups, but they also need to:

  • Stagger the start dates for each product’s specific implementation
  • Capture details from the opportunity to reference the project
  • Add or change team members

You can do all these actions seamlessly in the kick-off flow, saving time and preventing confusion by providing you and your team with a clearly defined guide with all the necessary action steps for your users, all in one place. 


Learn more about Onboarding Kick-Off Flow through TaskRay Support. 

Still have questions? We’re here to help! Contact your CSM or email for further assistance