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As your business changes, making adjustments to your templates is inevitable. In Salesforce, it is generally a best practice to first make and test changes or net new templates from scratch in Sandbox orgs to avoid impacting live data before deploying those changes to Production orgs. Historically, this process of making template changes required a lot of time, resources, and risk due to having to build and test templates in your Sandbox environment and manually recreate the setup in your Production environment. And while we’re all big fans of Salesforce over here, the difficulty of moving data between these two environments can make adhering to your organization’s compliance and change management requirements quite challenging.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve developed a solution that gets around these challenges: Template Migration. This heavily requested feature allows Premium Edition users that use Template Versioning to build and update templates in your Sandbox environment, thoroughly test everything, and simply transfer them to your Production with a few clicks without worrying that something might not go as planned.  This eliminates duplication of work and will put your mind at ease that changes made and tested in Sandbox will deploy to Production without any surprises.

Save time and maximize resources

This feature saves time and allows your team to do more. Gone are the days of manually recreating in Production what you’ve just built and tested in your Sandbox environment. With Template Migration, you build and test it once.  In addition, Template Migration has a “trickle-down effect” on your entire team by allowing more users to manage templates easily. New permission sets now give Template Managers the ability to make changes previously only allowed by Admins, such as adding/removing tasks or checklist items, modifying template ownership, enabling Public Dashboards, and more—empowering your team to respond to requests quicker, implement changes sooner, and reinvest that saved time into higher-priority projects. 

Watch just how easy it is to migrate Templates from Sandbox to Production in this short video.

Reduce risk and uncertainty

Template Migration eliminates the manual, error-prone process of migrating templates between orgs. Now, have peace of mind knowing that what you built in Sandbox will transfer exactly as-is to Production, allowing you to easily adhere to your company’s change management and compliance requirements. No more crossing your fingers and hoping changes will work correctly. 

Continually improve processes

Template Migration allows you to continually improve processes and experiment without impacting live templates—all with peace of mind. You’ll be able to quickly respond to the needs of your users and implement template improvements quickly and with ease, leading to better customer experiences. The Template Migration functionality is a valuable enhancement to Templates, allowing you to manage your complex processes in a standardized and consistent way with more control than ever before.


This feature is available to Premium Edition users, and no work is required to set up if you’re already utilizing Template Versioning. We hope you’re excited about this new time-saving feature! Check out this helpful support article for more information about Template Migration.  Still have questions? We’re here to help! Contact your CSM or email for further assistance.