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Let’s face it: we all enjoy the feeling that comes with getting a little extra special treatment. Maybe it’s a free dessert when out celebrating a birthday, priority boarding for a flight, or a behind-the-scenes tour. Whatever the situation, the satisfaction that comes with faster service, exclusive information, or additional recognition simply can’t be beat.

At TaskRay, we work hard to make sure our customers always have that VIP feeling when interacting with our people and product. This means providing the features, services, and support our customers need to truly get the most out of TaskRay to meet their business needs and build the best post-sale experience for their customers. 

Coming soon, we will be taking it to the next level with revamped support plans that will provide customers with “extra-VIP” treatment. Our new three-tiered model will include one free and two paid options so you’ll have the flexibility to choose what’s right for your team. 

Along with access to our robust documentation, open invitations to all webinars, unlimited email support, and the responsive assistance you know and love, here are some of the perks that will be included in the enhanced paid plans:

Priority Ticket Routing

Much like how a fast pass at a theme park lets you jump the line and get on the ride quickly, priority ticket routing provides faster response times to your support requests during normal business hours. Resolve issues quickly and get back to your day.


Proactive Case Monitoring

With a monthly ticket status report and a quarterly ticket review, you’ll get a pulse on the amount, status, and types of tickets being submitted by your company. Our team will identify key trends and provide you with recommendations and updates. 


Consultative Approach 

The proactivity doesn’t stop at case monitoring. Our top-tier plan is designed for our team to be an extension of yours, making sure you get the most out of TaskRay now and in the future. Get an all-access backstage tour pass to implementing, configuring, and optimizing TaskRay with a tailored experience. Our team of experts will conduct annual account planning to review your current architecture, and discuss best practices and future strategies. We’ll also provide guidance on complex configurations and pre-release support. 


Designated Technical Analyst

While our responsive support team is always available for our customers, you’ll get an assigned technical resource who proactively monitors and resolves all reported issues. Think of them as your support concierge, or maybe even your new BFF.


It all sounds great, right? What’s even better is that you’ll get more than technical issue resolution – you’ll get what you need to maximize your success with TaskRay, manage work effectively, and deliver the best onboarding experience for your customers. 

Interested in learning more or upgrading to one of the new support plan options? Reach out to your TaskRay Customer Success Manager or email