Jamie Cole

COO, TaskRay

Jamie is a doughnut-averse, world-traveling, multilingual marketing and operations executive who loves helping people reimagine what’s possible for their brand and business. 

Jamie got her start as a guerilla marketer for Rubbermaid with a territory eight stores wide. She gained an appreciation for experience-based marketing by watching how customers interacted with the products and brand in real-time. Two of her other favorite projects have been transforming the youth adventure company Outward Bound from a mom-and-pop into a nationally recognized brand and leading the book launch for the founder of Rocky Mountain Institute to share his thought leadership on renewable energy and sustainability with the world.

While a US native, Jamie grew up abroad and saw firsthand how our birthplace and circumstances influence our opportunities. She feels a profound responsibility to help others and uses her experience and privilege to make room at the table. She mentors aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to help them gain the skills, knowledge, and presence so that when they do take a seat, people listen.

Jamie’s work at TaskRay focuses on customer and employee experience. Onboarding is the most critical period in a new customer relationship—it’s when they imprint with you and decide how much they can trust you as a partner. Jamie and her team are building the frameworks, terminology, and solutions that companies can use to create trusted relationships from the outset. She constantly evaluates her strategy and approach to make the biggest impact and do the most good for TaskRay’s customers and her team.