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Ensuring a consistent post-sale customer experience.

Label Insight needed a solution that would ensure that their post-sale customer interactions were consistent and effective. After connecting with TaskRay at a conference, Label Insight vetted the solution with their various cross-functional teams.

Pain points before TaskRay

Having tried a handful of project management tools in the past, the Label Insight team knew they needed a 100% Salesforce native solution that could be easily integrated into their tech stack. The document management system they had been using to track their on-boarding workflow lacked the structure (and repeatability) they needed for their long, complex implementations. 

The team had also tried a handful of project management software solutions in the past, with varying results, so they knew they needed a tool with a good adoption rate to ensure future success.

Every time we bring on a new client, we want to be sure to follow the same steps that lead to success and we knew TaskRay could help us there.

Stephen Poppe

Senior Manager of Customer Success, Label Insight

Why TaskRay?

Label Insight’s nuanced implementation cycle includes a high quantity of initial administrative and configuration work upfront, which required a scalable tool like TaskRay to help the Customer Success team efficiently manage those steps. 


By standardizing their on-boarding process with TaskRay, the Label Insight team was able to create a shared template that guides each new customer towards long term success.

When an opportunity closes in Salesforce, a TaskRay project is kicked off and the CSM is immediately engaged in the new customer on-boarding. This project includes scheduling internal meetings to align on use case and customer details, sending introductory emails, and kicking off workflows to complete the initial phase of the customer journey in the first 30 days.


With the initial success they’ve seen with TaskRay, Label Insight is planning to build out workflows for each stage of the customer journey. They’re now able to access project data from each customer on-boarding to inform future processes and create long term customer consistency.


About Label Insight

Label Insight is an enterprise SaaS company that works with CPG brands and grocery retailers like Unilever, Conagra and Topco to arm them with product attribute data and content that drives innovation, fuels online and in-store growth, and builds trust with consumers.

Stephen Poppe is the Senior Manager of Customer Success at Label Insight where he manages the Customer Success team, overseeing the five stages of the post-sale process.

Why Label Insight Loves TaskRay

Ability to design a fully customized onboarding flow.

Reduction in Slack conversations due to increased project status visibility.

Ability to identify and remove project roadblocks.

Project metrics allow the team to create (and hit) realistic timelines. 

Standardization of workflows and reporting makes their post-sale process more efficient.