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The first 90 days is the most tenuous, delicate stage of a new customer relationship. Like any first impression, customers will make snap judgments about your brand based on their very first experiences. These judgments will determine whether they remain customers or fail to launch and pivot to a competitor. In each stage of the onboarding journey, there are opportunities for you to delight your new customers, gain their trust, and pave the way for high-value, long-term relationships—all you need is a guide to get you there.

TaskRay has created an executive guide to customer onboarding to help business leaders in any industry achieve their desired outcomes, boost profits, and create loyal customers. In the guide, we share strategies and insights from industry experts at TaskRay and the broader onboarding ecosystem to help you build an onboarding experience that will keep your customers coming back for more. Read on for a sneak peek.

“Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.” — Cynthia Ozick

Onboarding Directly Impacts Your Business Outcomes (And Your Bottom Line)

  1. Keep Your Customers (AKA Retention)Celebrating sales without investing in your customer welcome and onboarding experience is like throwing a wrap party after a dress rehearsal—a little early. What happens post-sale will determine how your customers feel about you and whether or not they want to remain a customer. Learn about the impact of customer onboarding and how you can use it to reduce customer churn and build strong, long-term relationships.
  2. Save Paper (AKA Cost Reduction)Dissatisfied or confused customers cost more money than happy customers. Plus, an ad-hoc onboarding experience also uses up more time, money, and resources. Learn why and how to optimize your onboarding experience to align customer and employee expectations, roll out standardized training and support, and create repeatable processes so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each new customer.
  3. Sell More to Existing Customers (AKA Expansion)Onboarding is a customer data gold mine. It’s your chance to learn about your customers’ habits, likes, dislikes, frustrations, goals, and more. By setting up your onboarding experience to capture that experiential, firsthand data, you’ll get insight into customers’ needs and identify cross-sell, up-sell, and renewal opportunities faster. And with the relevant data at your account managers’ fingertips, expanding customer relationships becomes a lot easier.
  4. Get More Customers (AKA Acquisition)We all love to feel smart and helpful. There’s nothing better than being the first one in your group of friends to have the scoop on the “next big thing,” whether that’s a new product, experience, or service. A great onboarding experience can turn new customers into savvy champions. Not only will they feel good about your business, but sharing how awesome you are with family, friends, and colleagues will also give them another feel-good boost. Learn how to make it easy for your customers to take that final step from “newbie” to “advocate” and watch the referrals start to roll in. 

Here are the five key areas of successful onboarding we’ll explore in this guide:

  • Handing off the new customer from sales to your post-sale team
  • Defining customers’ desired outcomes and the value of your product or service 
  • Identifying customer champions and nurturing those high-value relationships
  • Developing repeatable onboarding processes
  • Implementing paid onboarding to increase adoption and revenue

The bottom line is this: what can you do to build trust with a new customer? Because we know that customers buy from, and stick with, companies they trust. 

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