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Fall is in the air and that means crisp new notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils, and a brand new release of TaskRay!

Our November 2019 Release delivers a host of new features and functionality that will bring TaskRay even closer to where you and your teams are already working and further support how you execute onboarding and implementation projects.

We are excited to kick off the fall with a fresh focus on customer success and boosting user productivity. You can think of this release of TaskRay like a big pile of fall leaves, so let’s dive in!

We’ve added a My Work Lightning Component.

My Work is a centralized place where TaskRay users can view and manage all of the tasks and checklist items assigned to them—like a personalized to-do list! The My Work Lightning Component helps bring TaskRay even closer to where your users are working in Salesforce.

Whether they’re at the office on their laptops or in the field using mobile devices, the My Work Lightning Component will help TaskRay users do more work in more places and reduce the chances of critical tasks falling through the cracks.

We’re enhancing project and task modal layouts.

TaskRay’s record detail interfaces are getting a major upgrade in this release with the launch of Enhanced Modal Layouts.  Enhanced Modal Layouts bring the familiar look and feel of standard Salesforce page layouts into TaskRay to help reduce the learning curve for new users, but also to add new options for administrators to organize and customize how users interact with projects and tasks.

Say goodbye to field sets and hello to page layouts!

Optimize the user experience by excluding views.

Nobody likes a cluttered workspace, so we’re giving admins the ability to exclude specific views in TaskRay so they can streamline their users’ workflows and help them manage their projects and tasks more efficiently.

Looking for insights? We’ve got another easy place to find them!

TaskRay provides a plethora of insights on active projects and now you can find insights right in the Project details. We’ve put the most important information about a Project right where it can be readily tracked and managed. You can also easily export insights and charts to keep external stakeholders and customers up-to-date on progress and critical metrics.

And much more!

We have a handful more new features and functionality that will be included in the November 2019 Release in our Release Notes.

Important dates to remember for this release: