The Leading Work Management Solution for Manufacturing Businesses

In an industry where precision, quality, and regulatory compliance are vital, TaskRay provides you with the essential tools to efficiently manage your manufacturing business and ensure on-time equipment installations.

Seamlessly manage projects and resources, speed project delivery, optimize resource usage, control costs, and increase revenue—all within a Salesforce-native environment.

Ready-Made Project Templates
Begin your projects with easy-to-follow frameworks and organizational best practices to ensure consistent and scalable success every time.
Efficient Resource Management
Help your teams achieve more and maximize productivity with our resource management tools.
Collaborate Seamlessly
Enhance communication with internal and external stakeholders for improved project outcomes.
Insightful Performance Analytics
Get valuable insights from TaskRay’s project performance dashboards and analytics to help guide decisions and keep projects on track.
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Real Value Delivered

Manufacturing businesses using TaskRay experience on average:


Speed up onboarding and implementation cycle times


Improve revenue realization and
order to remittance (OTR) process 


Reduce installation costs
per project


Enhance customer experience with higher CSAT and NPS scores

Your Blueprint for Work Management Success

TaskRay is purpose-built for the manufacturing industry’s work management needs and is packed with features needed to deliver consistent, meaningful results for your customers every time.

Simplify Complex Equipment Installations With TaskRay

Manufacturers of large capital equipment must prioritize on-time deliveries while navigating regulatory complexities and supply-chain disruptions. TaskRay’s work management solutions ensure streamlined equipment installation processes, enhanced supply chain resilience, and compliance.
Manage Order to Delivery, Smoothly

Manage the entire remittance cycle from order placement to revenue realization without hassle. Every step is handled with care and efficiency with TaskRay.

Easy Equipment Setup

Make large capital equipment installation a breeze with TaskRay’s customized workflows and automation.

Software Made Simple

TaskRay provides the tools and framework needed to successfully implement software into your equipment.

Train and Empower

Give your customers the confidence to effectively use your equipment with TaskRay’s training workflows for a comprehensive enablement process.

Smooth Collaboration

Work seamlessly with your team and external partners to stay aligned and drive a successful project outcome.

Learn how TaskRay helps streamline operations, enhance supply chain resilience, and meet regulatory challenges.

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Mevion Cuts Installation Time by Nearly 75% with TaskRay

In less than two years, Mevion reduced their installation time from two and a half years to nine months. A large portion of the time savings was related to their use of TaskRay to define their process and escalate issues.

Metrics are Key to Business Success—but Only if You Know How to Use Them

There’s a set of common mistakes that can be found when it comes to project management, regardless of company type, age, and industry. Learn to identify and avoid those mistakes, using lessons learned and best practices from your peers.

Feature-rich and purpose-built for manufacturing work management

Template Builder

Create standardized project templates for your company to jumpstart new projects and follow best practices.

External Collaboration

Whether they’re inside or outside your organization, share project and task updates with stakeholders to keep everyone informed.

Dynamic Security & Access Controls

Rest assured, TaskRay follows top-notch security practices. We’re SOC 2 compliant and backed by Salesforce security standards.

Resource Planning & Forecasting

Easily oversee your team’s workload across projects. Assign the right people with the right skills and plan for future resource needs.

Workflow Automations

Speed project kick-offs and ongoing work by automating repetitive tasks and workflows.

Time Tracking

Keep tabs on how much time users spend on tasks and check if projects are on schedule.

Project Performance Dashboards

Get an overview of all your projects in manager performance dashboards. Dive deeper into specific project views to analyze every aspect of delivery.

Custom Task Weighting

Control the weight of tasks against project completion.

Bulk Assign Tasks

Reassign or distribute projects and tasks effortlessly as your plans evolve.

Excited about future TaskRay capabilities?

Check out upcoming features on our horizon and have a say in what comes next!

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