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onboarding to do listOur workdays are full of distractions—from last minute meeting invites, phones ringing, texts coming in, and overfilled inboxes, it can be difficult to filter out the work that needs attention and focus on getting it done.

Having an organized to-do list can be a life-saver. Having a to-do list that can be sorted by priority, due date, is personalized for your unique workload, and sends you up-to-the-minute notifications would be a game-changer.

Introducing: My Work

TaskRay’s newest view is My Work, a quick and easy distillation of all the work assigned to you, in one centralized place. No filtering necessary, just a clear to-do list that you can work through day by day. When you log in to TaskRay, you will see the new My Work tab next to the Portfolio and Work views.

my work task view

My Work removes distractions for team members and helps streamline workflow with built-in automations, like notifying the owner of a task when the predecessor task is complete (no Process Builder setup required!).

New User Notifications

Within the My Work view, we have also included more pre-built notifications to help users stay on top of exactly what work is important. Notifications include Task Assignment, Added to Team, Overdue Task, and Predecessor Task Complete. Users will see these notifications in the right sidebar.

task notifications

To find more information on all of the new features and functionality of the March 2019 release, please visit our release notes.

Release Schedule

  • Saturday, February 23 – Available on AppExchange
  • Saturday, February 23 – Automatic upgrade to Sandboxes
  • Saturday, March 16 – Automatic upgrade to Production


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