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Coming Soon: Improved Collaboration with Public Dashboards and External Ownership

When working on tasks and projects, collaboration is key to not only completing, but also for making it a huge success (just ask Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige about their Super Bowl halftime show). In order to have the best post-sale experience possible, external stakeholders, such as customers or partners, also need to be part of the group!

Our March 2022 Release remixes our collaboration features by making it easier to include external teams in the project. We’re enhancing the external link that is shared with those stakeholders outside of your Salesforce org. Along with that, we are giving the ability for those stakeholders to own and complete work they may be assigned on a project. Here’s a look at the new and enhanced features coming your way. 

Public Dashboards (Standard and Premium Editions)

Public Dashboards are a new feature that will give your external stakeholders a more complete view of the project. They’ll be able to add easy-to-use columns, see project notes, and have a checklist of assigned tasks with a new view called To-Do.

But that’s not all! We’ll introduce a hierarchical view of your projects, so if you employ parent/sub project relationships, you can view all projects related to the same parent project.

We’ll also provide more context to the Gantt chart view (Plan View) with expanded insights, highlighting key project data.

External Ownership & Completion (Standard and Premium Editions)

Assign a secondary owner to your tasks for those unlicensed (external) users. With a secondary owner, you’ll be able to send email notifications to that external user as well as allow them to complete tasks via an email flow. These reminder emails will be an aggregate of all tasks owned by that user across projects and sorted by estimated end date for easy prioritization. 

Pair this with the above mentioned Public Dashboard to show the user not only the things they own and are responsible for but the rest of the project as well to give them the full picture. The tasks in the email notification will link to the dashboard for quick access.

For more complete task management, you’ll have the option to allow users to externally complete a task through a public site. This will be a great way to involve those members of your project team who are not a user in your Salesforce org, like a client, or a partner.

Featuring Other Enhancements

  • Resource Management: New, optimized version to handle larger data volumes and to provide faster overall performance. A new consolidated side panel will include redesigned filters and the ability configure any/all filters. 

Check out the release notes for more details on what is included!


Release Dates:

  • March 19: Automatic Sandbox Update; Available in AppExchange; Available via Direct Install Link
  • April 9: Automatic Production Update


Meet & Greets:

  • March 15: March 2022 Release Overview Webinar REGISTER NOW
  • April 19: March 2022 Release Admin Office Hours Webinar REGISTER NOW


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