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I want to take you through a quick tour of our March 2022 release features and why we are so excited to be bringing you the next level of collaboration. These awesome features are currently available in sandbox environments so you can test them out for yourself. We understand the importance of collaboration when it comes to post-sale processes, whether with clients and partners, or maybe even internal teams on different systems. Our new features will allow external stakeholders to own and complete tasks as well as see the full project context through a public dashboard to bring the full project team even closer together, drive efficiencies and provide value sooner.

External Ownership and Completion

First I want to talk about External Ownership &  Completion. External stakeholders are integral to the success of your projects and more often than not will have multiple tasks that they need to complete before the project is finished. In this release, we’ve introduced a way for external stakeholders to externally own tasks within a project to help things keep moving along smoothly. They will receive a notification email that is an aggregate list of all their to-dos, reducing the number of emails getting lost in their inbox.

But wait, there’s more! It’s great that we can externally assign tasks, but what if we wanted those assignees to mark that they have completed their work? Well, guess what, we took care of that too! -mic drop- 

Your external owners can now indicate that they’ve completed that task, and include any pertinent notes. Once your assignee completes the task on their end, you can see it right from the task modal.

I know, this is a game changer, but stick with me, what I’m about to show you will make you want to drop everything you’re doing and test out these new features now.

Public Dashboards

What if I could tell you we’ve taken our external sharing link, which was already pretty cool, and made it better? Would you want to climb to the top of your office building, or home office building(your house) and scream ‘THANK YOU TASKRAY’? Yep, me too, no guarantees your neighbors will agree though. Public Dashboards will give your external stakeholders the context they need to make sure the entire project is a success. If they see dates that don’t quite hit the mark, or if they know they need to get something done in order to hit a certain milestone, it’s all right there in the Public Dashboard. Additionally, we’ve included our Insights tab so they can see progress, important milestones, and tasks at risk of becoming overdue. You can even include project notes in case there is anything you’d like them to know or keep in mind when viewing the dashboard. With multiple view options, your external team members will get the flexibility to choose the information they want to see.

Combining the Powers of External Ownership & Public Dashboards.

If you use the Public Dashboard and External Ownership together, there is a ‘To-Do’ tab in the dashboard that will show your external stakeholders the tasks that they own. If there are multiple external owners, they can switch between seeing all tasks and only showing tasks they own. 

This allows them to easily switch between seeing the things they are responsible for and seeing the entire project timeline and making sure they have the context necessary for a smooth onboarding. 

To complete the transformation, you’ll notice the notification email looks even snazzier. This notification now has hyperlinks to each task, so the external owner can click the link to a task and it will take them right to the Public Dashboard with that task modal open. 

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve made it possible to change the branding of the Public dashboard as well as the External Owner notification banner. You can use your own company logo/colors, so there is no confusion between your company and TaskRay for your clients.

Other Improvements

We’ve worked really hard to make improvements to the Customer Onboarding Feedback Flow.  If you are currently using our feedback flow, we’d recommend switching over to the new version sooner rather than later so  there are no interruptions when Salesforce’s Summer 2022 release comes out later this year. It’s easy to do under Tools & Settings.

For those who use Resource Management, or have our Premium licenses (which come with Resource Management), we’ve made some wicked cool enhancements to the Flux Planner and Contextual Flux Planner component. These enhancements mainly include better filtering experience, message pop-ups when things may take a bit longer to load, and performance improvements. 

As you can see, we have a ton of awesome new features in this release and we hope you are as excited as we are! As always, if you have any questions about specific features/functionalities, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

Check out the release notes for more details on what is included! You can also watch our recorded overview webinar that goes into even more detail about all of these great features.

Release Dates:

  • March 19: Automatic Sandbox Update; Available in AppExchange; Available via Direct Install Link
  • April 9: Automatic Production Update

Meet & Greets:

  • March 15: March 2022 Release Overview Webinar WATCH NOW
  • April 19: March 2022 Release Admin Office Hours Webinar REGISTER NOW