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We understand that processes are constantly evolving. The good news? TaskRay is built to grow and change with you.

We want you to be successful in such changes and ensure that TaskRay is set up to its full potential. And while our support documentation is always available for our customers who like to DIY when it comes to implementing a new bell or whistle, the option for a more guided experience is available. 

As such, we offer our Optimization package, essentially a bank of hours for your team to work alongside a technical expert from TaskRay. Whether you need to do an in-depth review of a TaskRay feature, discuss best practices around a use case, or get some assistance on a custom TaskRay configuration or automation – our team is here to help.

Simply put, our goal is your success.


What To Expect

With the Optimization package, your organization will have designated hours to spend on anything TaskRay with our expert technical team. To kick things off, you will meet with a designated team member from the TaskRay team to discuss your goals and key areas to focus on. Based on your requirements, you will have a personalized agenda and plan on how the optimization hours will be used.

Ultimately, you know the type of support that your organization needs. You tell us how we can help, and we will be there to ensure everything goes as planned.


What the Optimization Hours Can Be Used For

Below are some options for how the Optimization package hours can be distributed:

  • Call time to review technical requests related to TaskRay, such as getting guidance for constructing automations and getting assistance with new configurations related to TaskRay. 
  • Mapping out a new business process or revamping an existing process related to TaskRay. Some examples include incorporating new products, extending TaskRay to a new team, or enhancing an existing process to account for necessary changes.
  • Troubleshooting advanced TaskRay configurations, including automations. 
  • Identifying and implementing best practices for various TaskRay features. Whether you have a specific feature in mind or are looking for guidance on what feature can be configured to address your business requirements, the Optimization package is a great option for getting assistance.
  • TaskRay team internal work related to your organization’s requirements. For example, if you are looking for a design plan on configuring an automation or setting up a TaskRay feature, the work that the TaskRay team does to construct such a plan will count toward the Optimization.


What Are the Bounds of the Program?

The Optimization hours will be distributed to account for internal TaskRay work to support your requirements (as necessary) and for dedicated time with your team. The TaskRay team will not perform any hands-on work in your environment, nor will the team be able to assist with any requests or technical issues unrelated to the TaskRay package. Lastly, the TaskRay team will not conduct any training on your internal business processes or day-to-day workflows.


Want to Know More?

Bottom line – we want you to have the necessary support as you navigate making changes and implementing updates. To get more information, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or send us an email at