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Data. Every business has a lot—and we mean a LOT—of data. It’s both the byproduct and the building blocks of any good business. When interpreted and put to good use, data can help improve processes, generate more business, and strengthen the foundations of existing relationships. But unfortunately, while many of us understand the value of data, it can be challenging to make sense of how to use it to measure success and determine areas for improvement. If you’re wondering what tools you need to collect valuable data about your post-sale projects and processes, what problems metrics can help you solve, or how to consolidate all of it into one place, TaskRay has the answers you seek.

We provide a variety of out-of-the-box and custom ways to analyze metrics and generate reports that are most valuable to your company and your clients. These tools can help you catch problems before it’s too late or provide valuable insight on performance to leadership that showcases a team’s value and impact. Practical tools come standard in every edition, including Salesforce reporting (which captures TaskRay records like any others in your org), lightning components for easy access to vital project metrics outside of the app, and a built-in onboarding score that combines internal and external feedback with on-time completed work compared to the initial project schedule.

In the Standard and Premium editions, there is added functionality to help you deliver the metrics that are important to your designated teams—giving them everything they need and nothing that they don’t. Performance measurements of both current and past projects are obtained via the Performance Tab—through either a Portfolio view or by Template Performance. The Portfolio view, as you might guess, gives you a basic overview of any given project, and those high-level metrics are perfect for the execs that simply want to know whether the company is meeting their objectives or not. 

Template Performance, on the other hand, gives detailed insight into in-flight project metrics from projects that were cloned or stitched from an existing template. This feature is ideal for managers who not only need to know if goals are being reached but the finer details around workload, resources, and potential risks to project completion. After aggregating project data for three to six months, you can use this feature to compare it against the original settings in the template, allowing you to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, boost productivity, and improve overall performance to drive faster project completion and time to value and revenue.

With the ability to easily check in on real-time project health and team performance, update a template for a smoother onboarding process, or correct an issue before it can negatively impact your bottom line, TaskRay gives you the reporting tools you need to succeed. They help drive consistency and save money through the kind of informed decision-making that leads to better overall customer experiences and boosted brand perception. 

Salesforce-native TaskRay ensures no time is wasted pulling data from multiple sources and makes analyzing that data into usable insights feel effortless. Because, after all, data is only worth its weight in gold if you know how to make it work for you. 

At TaskRay, helping you transform your onboarding processes, improve efficiencies, and deliver consistent customer experiences is what we’re all about. Learn more about how our Salesforce-native app makes that easier than ever—or see who else has transformed their biz with TaskRay.