Mike Tetlow

Co-founder & CTO, TaskRay

If you have a problem, Mike will not only help you solve it, but he’ll build the solution for you, too. His hands-on approach to software and technology solutions has roots in his high school days. He worked weekends alongside his dad in fabrication shops making props and scenery for theme parks, sparking a lifelong love to create. (And if you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you’ve probably seen some of Mike’s handiwork.) 

While he began his career as a mechanical engineer, he was drawn to software solutions that could be embedded into projects and processes, like automating engineering sketches. He took a big leap when he switched from engineering to software but found a forever home in the Salesforce ecosystem in app development. One of the best feelings for Mike is seeing household name brands use a product he has built and naming it essential to their success.

But his biggest win by far has been building TaskRay alongside his partners Eric Wu and Blakely Graham. How do you build a configurable, agile product that can meet the incredibly diverse demands of the Salesforce customer ecosystem? After closely listening to customers describe their unique challenges, Mike wove together the common threads to develop the TaskRay onboarding and customer success platform. He and his team of developers continue to lead the market forward, evolving TaskRay’s onboarding solutions to overcome any industry challenge.