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Summer may be over but there is still plenty of opportunity to play in the sand. The new TaskRay Fall 2021 Release version is now installed in all sandboxes! While you may not be able to build an actual sandcastle with a cool moat around it, you can start checking out all the awesome new features that will be in production on November 6.

The Fall Release is chock-full of enhancements that makes managing your work in TaskRay even easier with more control, customization, and visibility.

Enhanced Filtering (Available in all editions)

Sometimes you need to see the big picture of your projects, and other times you need to drill down to bring more focus to your work. With our new Flex Filters, you can slice and dice your project data to view work by project owner, status, account, and more!

For those users that need to stay more on the surface, such as TaskRay community users, filter streamlining makes it so they don’t need to select any filters. 

And for our Admins out there, we’ve made it easy for you to set up and maintain filtering with dynamic inheritance of filter assignments.




Task Weighting (Available in Standard and Premium Editions)

Not all tasks are created equal when it comes to level of effort or time for completion. With the new task weighting modes, you can determine the true effort level of a task and have a  more accurate picture of project progress. 

Time-Based Task Weighting lets you use estimated completion time as a relative weight. Now, a task that takes 5 minutes to complete will contribute less to project progress than something that would take 5 days to complete. 

Premium customers will have the additional option to set custom task weights based on factors that align with business processes, such as story points for agile planning.



New Resource Planner (Available for Premium and Resource Management customers)

The Flux Planner is a really handy tool for viewing resource capacity and managing assignments. In this release, we have added a context component so you can handle resource planning for a specific project or team, rather than just at the organization level.

There are also brand new filtering options and summary settings so you can focus on priority billable work or assess high-level resource allocation. With the new standard Flux Planner tab, you can start resource planning without any admin configuration.



Additional Premium Edition Updates

But wait, that’s not all! We’ve also got some extra goodies available for the Premium edition:

  • Ongoing Task Progress: Log partial completion of a task as part of the overall project progress
  • On-Hold Enhancements: Execute multiple on-hold and resume cycles and capture additional details to track project status.
  • Modal Tab Configuration: Hide standard and custom tabs at the profile or user level, to customize the modal tabs for your business.
  • Advanced Allocation Model: Specify resource allocation at project-level for forecasting intelligence without having to build out a granular work plan up-front. 

Want to learn more?

Check out the recording of our recent Fall Release Overview Webinar. Our Product team will also be hosting Admin Office Hour webinars on October 20 and October 26 to get more into the nitty gritty and answer any questions you may have.  We also have release notes, a release features matrix, and new support articles to help you get the most out of all of the updates. 

Enjoy playing in the sandbox! See you in production on November 6.