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They say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” and at TaskRay we believe that’s true when it comes to standardizing your processes. Having repeatable processes is key to managing post-sale work as your teams scale and your customer base grows. TaskRay Templates serve as the starting point or pattern for your processes so that everyone on your team knows what to do and when, which ensures that every customer gets a consistently stellar experience. 

Because Templates are so important to optimizing your post-sale processes, they are the star of the show for our upcoming major release. We’re bringing you dynamic new and enhanced features that will elevate how you manage Templates, such as versioning and task assignment, along with a lot of nifty usability improvements. 

Template Versioning (All Editions)

One of the many benefits of Templates is the ability to measure the performance of projects against baselines and pinpoint where improvements can be made. We wanted to make this aspect even more valuable to our customers with Template Versioning.

This brand new feature enables you to create new iterations of a Template for major changes, such as adding new phases to a project, and have historical tracking to see the results of those changes over time. Version control will ensure that active or previously active templates can’t be modified so you won’t have to worry about accidental overrides. 


Wondering what this all means for your automations that include Templates? We’ve created a new TaskRay ID type, called Addressable IDs, that will easily maintain mapping between versioned records and template references without a need to update the ID in the automation. 

Did you do a fist pump or a little happy dance just now? Hopefully this won’t be the only time you do it while you keep reading!

Template Hub Enhancements (All Editions)

As if Template versioning wasn’t exciting enough, we’re on pins and needles about what’s coming with Template Hub! You may or may not frequently use Template Hub, however, with these upcoming changes, it’s going to become your one-stop Template shop (and possibly your new favorite place in TaskRay.)  

A more intuitive user experience will improve the way you build and edit Templates. You’ll be able to see key information at a glance such as the last modification date and then drill into version information for more details. Template Builder is also getting some usability updates with expand/collapse and drag-and-drop capabilities. 

template details page

Checklist Queues (All Editions)

Checklists can be thought of as subtasks, and come in handy when you want to track and assign details that are relevant to specific tasks. Using the snazzy drag-and-drop updates coming to Template Hub, you’ll be able to assign checklist items and tasks to queues when working in Templates. Then, when it’s time to reassign tasks and checklists from queues to users, we’re making it easier to do so with a bulk reassignment action. How about another fist pump and/or happy dance?

checklist assignment

Other Enhancements You Can Look Forward To:

  • Expand/Collapse All for Kanban and Plan View: the expand/collapse functionality for Template Hub will be available in Kanban and Plan Views, making it easier to show or hide task groups. 
  • TaskRay Lightning Components available in the TaskRay package: consolidating the packages will lessen the workload for Admins to maintain, troubleshoot, and manage release upgrades.

Check out the release notes for even more details on what is included!

Start the Countdown For These Release Dates:

  • October 15: Automatic Sandbox Update; Available in AppExchange; Available via Direct Install Link
  • November 12: Automatic Production Update

Mark Your Calendar for These Webinars:

October 5: October 2022 Release Overview Webinar 

Hear more details about these updates, see a demo, and learn what steps you’ll take to be able to implement the new features. REGISTER NOW

December 7: October 2022 Release Office Hours Webinar 

Our Product team will be holding an interactive session to provide you with best practices for the new features and answer any questions you may have. REGISTER NOW