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If you haven’t noticed already, the October 2022 release is live!

In our previous blog post, we discussed the features you can expect from the new release. So if you haven’t had a chance to check out that post yet, be sure to take a look. As a quick reminder, the release includes template updates (template versioning and template hub enhancements), checklist queues, and many other quality-of-life improvements. But now that you know about these new features, there’s still a question: how do you get started?

Template Versioning (All Editions)

Template Versioning gives you the power to make changes to post-sale processes, track how the changes affect efficiency and experiences, and prevent unintended modifications with version control. And don’t worry about any existing automations you have in place, we have implemented a new ID type called Addressable ID to carry over your automation between versions. 

To see Template Versioning at work, all you have to do is access the Template Hub from the home menu. There will be a utility in Tools & Settings that will walk you through the process to enable Template Versioning and assign permissions. You have until November 2023 to enable versioning, and we highly recommend that you complete all the steps at the same time.

Then, you can create and maintain new and existing versions of your templates. When creating a new version, you’ll be able to enter in notes to explain what changes were made and why, providing context to better understand how changes have impacted your processes over time. You also dictate which version is live or whether certain versions should be archived.

Template Versioning Example - TaskRay 2022 October Release

Template Hub Enhancements (All Editions)

Template Hub is your one-stop shop for building and managing your templates in TaskRay. The first thing you might notice is that Template Hub has been elevated to the next level with a refreshed interface for easier navigation.

To take a look at these changes, simply navigate to the TaskRay Template Hub menu option from your Home menu. From there, you will be able to see a list of your existing templates as well as create a new template. This view also provides all of the top-level information you need, like template name, description, status, number of versions and more. You can drill down to see even more details such as the number of versions of that template and their statuses.

Clicking into a version brings you the template builder which also sports a new look and feel with capabilities that streamline the steps to build, assign, and schedule. As far as the tasks themselves, they now support drag-and-drop and quick-entry functionality that works wonders for productivity. The drag-and-drop assignment follows a waterfall method where you can assign to task groups as whole or individual tasks and checklist items. A counter in the right side menu helps you stay on track for what’s already been or needs to be assigned. Plus, you can expand and collapse individual task groups or all of them in the builder or timeline view to see what is most important, especially with those longer and more complex projects.

Template Hub Example - TaskRay October 2022 Release

Checklist Queues (All Editions)

And on top of all of the enhancements for Template Hub there is now a new feature called Checklist Queues that lets you add checklist items and assign them to queues when working in Templates. You’ll find the same new drag-and-drop, quick-entry, and assignment counter functionality for checklists. We’ve also updated bulk reassignment functionality to easily move task and checklist assignments from queues to team members when you’re building out a project team. When you open up a Project and go to the Team tab, you can transfer ownership and see a running total of tasks and checklists assigned to team members.

Checklist Queue Example: TaskRay October 2022 Release
  • Other Enhancements
    • Expand/Collapse in Kanban & Plan Views – The expand/collapse functionality for Template Hub is available in Kanban and Plan Views, making it easier to navigate through project info by showing or hiding task groups. 
    • Lightning Components Available in TaskRay Package – Packages have been consolidated so Admins have fewer packages to maintain and troubleshoot. The existing TaskRay Lightning Component package will continue to work, although it’s in your best interest to migrate over time to access future enhancements.
    • Removal of Template Library – Template Library and the pre-built Templates for Best Practice (Customer Onboarding, SaaS- Customer Onboarding, and Wealth Management – Client Onboarding) will no longer be available. If you currently have these imported into your org, they will remain there unless you delete them. 
    • Enhanced Cloning – Improved performance for project cloning, especially with complex schedules and dependencies. If you tried enhanced cloning in the past and ran into issues, give it a try again, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

    We hope you are as excited as we are about the new Template enhancements that will continue to enable you to create standardization and consistency in your post-sale processes! To learn more about the changes, check out the release notes and watch the recording of our October 2022 Release Overview webinar to see the new features in action.

    What’s Up Next for the Release:

    • November 12: Automatic Production Update.
    • December 7: October 2022 Release Office Hours Webinar – Our Product team will be holding an interactive session to provide you with best practices for the new features and answer any questions you may have. REGISTER NOW