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When your company lands a new client, it may be customary for your team to high-five each other and savor the accomplishment. Though, in truth, the selling isn’t done when the sale closes—not by a long shot. After the sale, your onboarding team takes the baton and begins a critical aspect of a profitable business.

Ultimately, a five-star customer onboarding process is both a financial victory and an ongoing investment in customer success. Companies that nail onboarding are rewarded with that most coveted asset in any business: customer loyalty

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to design effective high-touch customer onboarding programs without actually having to take every single new customer out for a coffee date—they’ll just feel like you did.


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If you’re ready for a customer onboarding solution on Salesforce that will help your company deliver a killer customer experience from day one, TaskRay may be the perfect fit. To learn more, check out one of our other webinars or send us an email.