Achieve Customer Success with TaskRay’s Customer Onboarding Playbook

Every company in every industry has a finite amount of time to make that all-important first impression. And there’s a lot on the line if you fail. If you’re lacking a solid post-sale game (because as Donna Weber says, “hope is not a strategy”), are struggling to scale, have important data in disparate or siloed systems, or need to get a handle on resource management — to name just a few of the challenges facing our customers — you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking to build the relationships required for long-term success, for you and for your customer, it all starts with onboarding. Because, in business as in life, first impressions really do matter.

Create a Five-Star Onboarding Process

Create a Five-Star Onboarding Process

High-touch onboarding is a way to ensure your customers feel cared for and are trained on how to use your product or service. Learn how to design a high-touch onboarding experience that puts you in the position of a trusted guide and encourages deep customer engagement.


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Why First Impressions Matter

Join TaskRay CEO and co-founder, Eric Wu; Sales Engineer, Alex Mendrano; Customer Onboarding Specialist, Laura Pellar; and Customer Success Manager at Automox, Carly Otte, for an in-depth knowledge dump about the all-important first steps in every new customer journey — and the first three plays in our Customer Onboarding Playbook — the Internal Handoff, the Customer Welcome, and the Customer Kickoff. If you’re thinking about running one of these plays, you won’t want to miss this webinar!


Playbook Webinar: How to Get Desired Outcomes & Success Plans Right (Bonus: Automating Your Handoffs)”

The last thing you want is to figure out too late that you failed to understand your customer’s goals and objectives or meet their expectations, i.e. when the customer is walking out the door. In this webinar, TaskRay Customer Onboarding Specialists Laura Pellar and Ryan Ensign will talk about the importance of—and best practices for executing—the next three plays Customer Onboarding Playbook: Desired Outcomes, Success Plans, and Automating Your Handoffs. If you’re thinking about running one of these plays, you won’t want to miss this webinar!

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