Maturity Level


Building Customer Success Plans 

A success plan is more than a project plan. It’s a living, breathing resource that keeps your post-sales efforts on-task and personalized to deliver an exceptional experience.

Deliver on Your Sales Promise

Once you make promises to a customer, you’re responsible for meeting their expectations and fully delivering on your commitments. What happens immediately after the final signature will set your future relationship up for mutual success.

What Are Customer Success Plans?

Your Customer Success Plan is an internal asset that documents the steps, touchpoints, and deliverables you’ll need to complete to help your customers achieve their desired outcomes. Your Customer Success Plan is based on your customers’ desired outcomes (i.e., what they want to achieve with your product or service) as well as your business’s desired outcomes. If you haven’t completed our Desired Outcomes play, we recommend starting there and returning to this play. And remember, customer success isn’t the same thing as customer service or support.

This Play’s Objective: 

This play will guide you on how to implement customer success plans as a proactive approach that will help you fulfill your long-term vision for success with every customer, from their first experience with your organization through their renewal and beyond.

You’ll Walk Away with:

  • A definition of what customer success means for your business and how you plan to achieve it.
  • A map of the steps, touchpoints, and deliverables you need to achieve your customers’ desired outcomes and help them succeed with your product or service.
  • A Customer Success Template to create a supportive, personalized success plan for each engagement.