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Building Your Post-Sale Pipeline

Getting a better handle on your onboarding pipeline will help you manage employee and customer expectations and deliver consistent customer experiences.

Know Your Bandwidth

You can’t successfully onboard customers if you don’t have the bandwidth and right resources available. By building an post-sale pipeline, you’ll get insight into what you have the capacity to deliver, helping you schedule projects and manage customer expectations appropriately.

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What is a Post-Sale Pipeline?

A comprehensive post-sale pipeline is your window into success. It consists of your existing, in-flight projects and the potential projects currently being worked on as open sales opportunities. Creating your post-sale pipeline will help you establish a single source of truth for post-sale customer projects, which will keep everyone on the same page (and pulling in the same direction).

This Play’s Objective:

This play is for teams who want better insight, coordination, and collaboration between sales, onboarding or implementation, and customer success to create better employee and customer experiences.


You’ll Walk Away with:

  • Creating a post-sale forecast and pipeline to better manage upcoming and ongoing projects.
  • Increased coordination and communication between your sales, onboarding or implementation, and customer success teams.
  • Improving your sales strategy and enablement resources to feed more post-sale projects into the pipeline.