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Create a Successful Internal Handoff

Make your new customers feel seen, heard, and understood by sticking your internal handoff from sales to the post-sale team.

Empower Your Post-Sale Teams

The transition period between the final stage of the sale and the kickoff with your new customer and post-sale team is critical. Stick your internal handoff and make your customer feel like a VIP. It’s the first step in the post-sale moment and promises a customer relationship built to last.

What Are Internal Handoffs?

After making a sale, many businesses don’t have a process to brief their post-sale or implementation team about the customer. New customers don’t want to repeat themselves, and starting off a new relationship by regathering requirements and customer information is a terrible experience. Have you ever had to repeat your information three times to three different call center agents? Yeah, it feels like that. Empower your post-sale teams with the knowledge they need to be proactive on behalf of new customers by developing a solid internal handoff.

This Play’s Objective:

To dial in your cross-functional communication when transitioning a customer from the close of the sales process to the internal onboarding or implementation teams. Customers shouldn’t have to repeat their pain points, product requirements, and use cases. Internally, expect to discuss key points about the customer to ensure continuity prior to the customer kickoff meeting. When you run this play, you’ll establish seamless internal handoffs across your entire organization.

You’ll Walk Away With:

  • How to build or improve the internal handoff process between your sales and post-sale teams
  • Learn how to document your process for internal communication, documentation, and collaboration
  • Ensuring new customers don’t slip through the cracks by standardizing how you gather, store, and share customer information
  • Eliminating the need for your customer to have to repeat their goals, requirements, paint points, etc.