Maturity Level


Design the Perfect Customer Welcome

You only get one chance at a good first impression. 

Make a Memorable First Impression

By starting with a thoughtful, helpful welcome email or phone call, you’ll prime your customers to feel good about you now and in the future as you continue to develop your relationship.

What Is a Customer Welcome?

The customer welcome is the first communication a new customer receives from you after a sale, which begins their post-sale experience. Depending on your business, this could be anything from an automated welcome email with general user tips to a personal phone call with their account manager to discuss the next steps for getting started.

This Play’s Objective:

This play is designed to help you  establish strong customer relationships right off the bat. Think about your favorite brands and how they connect with you. Every time you make a purchase or add new features, they immediately reach out with helpful support. And the best ones make their communications on-brand and memorable. This play will help you figure out the best approach for that first phone call, email, or text, including who handles it, what info it needs, and any creative follow-ups.

You’ll Walk Away With: 

  • A standardized customer welcome that makes sure new customers don’t feel ignored or slip through the cracks
  • A list of information to include in your welcome email, text, or in-app message to set new customers up for success and make a good first impression
  • A decision on how and when you’ll send your customer welcome (this will depend on whether you use a low-, high-, or tech-touch strategy or a combination of the three)
  • Designed, brandable templates with the most relevant training materials and resources
  • A map of how this welcome fits into your overall customer post-sale journey and communication strategy